At the creation district, we believe ART IS BEST WHEN IT IS FREE AND ACCESSIBLE TO ALL

The Creation District is an incubator and a safe haven for creation, discovery, activism, daring, and dream-making for Sacramento’s youth and young adults. Based out of the new Fruitridge Community Collaborative, The Creation District offers a continuum of creative workshops that bring together young people from all different walks of life to tackle the work of building a brighter and braver future. Inside these walls, we believe that life is about creation. It is about trying something bold, breaking the rules, getting messy, making mistakes, and leaving one’s mark on the world.

Take classes in radical self love, authentic art making, absurd creation, action based activism, and mindful observation. As a community, claim the common ground of being young and navigating a path toward adulthood. The Creation District offers a variety of classes, as well as loads of special events, open studio time, and summer camp sessions. Our sessions culminate in projects brought out of the confines of the classroom and into the eyes of the community. Inside each of us is a wild force to be reckoned with- explore yours by joining the creation movement today!