Waking the Village

Waking the Village (WTV) leads five programs: Tubman House, the Doorway, Audre's Emporium of New Tomorrows, Art Beast Children’s Studio, and the Creation District. Each program centers on an interactive environment that inspires growth and builds community. 

Tubman House, the Doorway, and Audre's Emporium of New Tomorrows are all housing programs that provide stable and nurturing home environments for young families experiencing homelessness. 

Art Beast and the Creation District are both artistic hubs rooted in the belief that youth and children need creativity and expression embedded into their lives in order to thrive and flourish.

When it comes to tackling homelessness, we are in for the long haul.  Our clients do not manage crisis- they conquer it.

Tubman serves young parents (18 to 21 years old) and their children as they overcome homelessness and trauma. Each resident stays up to 18 months, receiving free housing and relentless support to become leaders in their own lives- and leaders in the lives of their children and communities.

How do we convince a young woman or a young journeying through hard times that the world holds beauty and possibility?

We offer a home instead of a shelter. Get each to the ocean and the snow. Give plenty of time. Offer love. Believe in each. Hand over the reigns. Share possibilities, but don’t declare a path as they consider career, college, and ways forward. Let each explore and make a path in that wandering. Remind each constantly of the strengths you see within. Forgive the bad moments. Let each decide when to embrace the practical and when to celebrate the absurd. Give the freedom and trust each young adult deserves.