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Art Beast Child Development Center is opening OCTOBER 2017.

We offer full and part time care to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We also offer before and after school care. The center is located at 4390 47th Avenue in Sacramento. Our center is a community of children, parents, and teachers engaged in play based learning that values child choice, social justice, culturally competent curriculum, and the natural world. Our program brings great intention to ensuring students are provided lessons, role models, and literature that portray women and men equally as protagonists, and that portray both women and men as brave, adventurous, heroic, gentle, loving, mischievous, and spirited.

learning happens in community

Our educational environment is forged by the dynamic interaction of teachers, empowered and curious children, the families that love them, and our evolving understanding of how the brain learns best.  We believe in employing a curriculum that is inclusive and that allows each child the flexibility to emerge in her or his own learning and grow socially as a strong, able bodied, intentional human being. 

creativity drives development

We encourage individual expression through art, movement, gardening and digging in the earth, as well as through music, dance, song, poetry and imaginative play. This promotes joyful learning as well as social emotional development and relationship building. We support children as they grow to be brave, compassionate, and action oriented, and to think critically and creatively about the world around them.

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family culture is honored

We celebrate the cultural diversity of our learning community and our city. We encourage children to share their home cultures and traditions in presentations, art work, meal traditions, treasures, and stories shared from home. We work hard to ensure our curriculum, our literature, and our teachers reflect the vibrancy of the many cultures that thrive in Sacramento.


play is children's work

The foundations for literacy, attention giving, social interaction, self-regulation, mathematical and scientific reasoning, and motor development are developed in child directed explorations of the world.  It is the responsibility of the early childhood educator to send a child into their elementary years with a strong sense of competency, an excitement to learn, and a body that has developed the feedback systems and the muscles to listen, to write, to manipulate supplies, and to focus. Our teachers study each child and bring in the activities that best develop these skills.

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