Our work is shown in the endurance of the relationships we build. 

  • 90% of all residents exit to a long-term safe and stable living environment. Since opening in January 2003, 93% have never returned to homelessness in the 3 years following exit.
  • 80% of residents report good to excellent progress in maintaining supportive relationships with reliable adults in quarterly assessments.
  • In quarterly assessments, 95% report a reduction in incidents of abuse or exploitation.
  • Upon exit, 80% of residents are employed or enrolled in school.
  • Upon exit, 50% of residents have successfully complete at least 6 college units. Since 2007, 57% of residents having attended college during their stay with an average of 8 units completed.
  • Upon exit, 80% of residents entering without a high school diploma have completed or are attending school to complete a diploma or pass the GED.
  • 80% of residents connect to regular off-site mental wellness sessions in the form of individual or couple’s counseling, sobriety support, and/or wellness support groups.
  • All residents participate in wellness activities so that 80% report good to excellent progress in maintaining a positive outlook and managing negative emotions in evaluations.
  • All residents participate at minimum in 3 hours weekly of community service learning workshops, governance, and projects through WTV’s on-site Youth Corps and Parenting programs. Last year, exiting residents averaged a total of 120 hours of service learning.
  • All children are connected to 35 hours a week of free, on-site child development programming. Upon exit, 50% of residents have secured off-site child care and 80% have connected to Early Head Start or Nurse Family Partnership home visits. Last year, all residents staying over a month connected to Early Head Start and 77% secured off-site childcare.
  • Upon exit, 75% of residents staying over a month have cleared all debts, warrants, and court fines so that they can establish checking accounts and good credit. Last year, 90% entering with debt, fines, and warrants who stayed over a month exited debt/warrant free.
  • 50% of all residents staying over a month secure and maintain a job. Last year, 60% secured and maintained a job with all but 1 simultaneously attended college.
  • 100% of pregnant residents connect to quality prenatal care within two weeks of entry, attend birthing classes, write birth plans, and have Tubman staff support during the birth.
  • All parents participate in Tubman’s programs to strengthen parenting skills so that 80% report a greater capacity to provide developmentally sound care and environments to children.
  • 80% of youth and 90% of children undergo a medical check up, receive needed immunizations, and secure treatment for any diagnosed or chronic conditions.
  • All children are assessed to determine that physical, emotional, and cognitive development are on track and are connected to services for developmental concerns.
  • 90% of residents develop and follow a budget so that 75% of residents save at least $1,000. Last year, half saved over $2500.
  • WTV provides transition and aftercare services including case management, educational counseling, tutoring, and crisis intervention to all residents so that 90% do not return to homelessness in the 3 years following exit. WTV has tracked and provided aftercare to 30 of 35 exited clients in the last 3 years. 93% have not returned to homelessness.