Tubman House places great value in the art of providing support to youth and children as they overcome homelessness. Our staff bring extensive experience in direct services and train constantly in the best ways to support people healing from trauma. We work hard to earn the trust of our clients. In honoring the art of our work, we reserve opportunities to work directly with our clients for our Tubman staff.

There are still many ways Tubman House accepts the gifts and commitment of its community. Please consider volunteering! Below are a list of needed offerings.

Volunteer as a Teacher, Designer, Cleaners, and Floor Staff for Art Beast Children’sStudio
Consider volunteering weekly at Art Beast, a cottage industry raising funds to sustain Tubman. An art coach welcomes each family, orients them to ArtBeast, and maintains the arts environment by replenishing supplies and restoring order to each play space. Volunteer art coaches might encourage young artists in the open studio, clean easels and tables, restock supplies, and work to maintain a warm and safe environment for each child to explore. Arts experience is not needed, but a willingness to clean and sweep definitely is! Shifts are available every day of the week between 9am and 6 pm. 3 hour, 4 hour, and 8 hour shifts are available.

Designers: Art Beast works to create a dynamic, interactive environment. We are always on the look out for folks who can design a window display, create a play station, design interactive art for the studio, plan arts stations, sew or paint backdrops for the stage, or otherwise create a magical space for children.

Organize Recreation and Outings for Tubman’s Young Adults and Children: Many of our residents have never been to the ocean or the snow. They have never experienced the magic of live theatre or a basketball game. Many have never camped or explored California’s natural spaces. Organize a trip or an outing for the young parents and their children.

Plan a Fundraiser: Tubman House services are made possible by donations. Help plan a fundraiser to support our work housing, teaching, and inspiring the young. Auctions, dinners, jog-a-thons, and car washes might be your specialty. Maybe you’ve got a terrific idea for a fundraiser that can become an annual tradition!

First Car Project: Many of Tubman’s young parents struggle using public transportation to get their children to school, doctor’s appointments, or church. Hours of their time are wasted getting to distant jobs that require endless bus transfers. Help our residents gain independence by fixing up and registering a reliable car for their use.

Give Someone a Job: We are always seeking employers willing to offer work to our residents. As young parents and college students, our residents struggle to find employers willing to provide some flexibility in providing a schedule sensitive to the time demands put upon a parent and a student.

Organize a Diaper Drive: Tubman’s children use over a thousand diapers each month! Organize a drive to collect a month or two of diapers.

Share Your Blessings: Have a vacation home? Season tickets to the Kings? Theatre tickets? Consider donating a weekend or a game or a show so that a young parent might experience something new.