Prevention and Intervention


It all started when…

Sacramento’s Young Adult Prevention and Intervention Program (SacYAPI) launched in March 2018 when Waking the Village, Lutheran Social Services, and Wind Youth Services envisioned a new program to move upstream in addressing youth homelessness. SacYAPI is all about creative solutions that move up the pipeline and prevent youth from entering into homelessness. We believe that through our collaborative efforts, and fueled by the work of SacYAPI, our Community will achieve functional zero in youth homelessness.


Experiencing Homelessness or Worried About Losing your Housing? supporting someone else who is?

SacYAPI works hard to support folks ages 16-24 who may be experiencing any kind of housing instability or homelessness. Through system navigation, landlord/roommate mediation, warm hand-offs to appropriate services, family reunification, and other creative solutions, SacYAPI strives to advocate for and guide youth towards greater housing stability and healing.

To connect with a Prevention and Intervention Coordinator, call or text (916) 525-5965 and a Coordinator will connect with you. You can also fill out our referral form (for yourself or someone else) here.